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  • Available in M5,M6, M8 ,M10 and M12 Metric Coarse threads.
  • Available in M6, M8 and M10 Metric Coarse threads.
  • Available in M4,and M5 Metric Coarse threads.
  • Available in M4, M5,M6 and M8 Metric Coarse threads.

Company Video

Company Video

Welcome to Interscrew website

Interscrews, although being a special range of fasteners these have been requested from us under a variety of names :-

Socket Nuts, Tube Nuts, Connector Bolts, Clamp Bolts, Sex Bolts, Barrel Nuts, Screws with Internal Threads, Sleeve Nuts etc

In many cases they have been be used as a single unit with a mating screw or in pairs with a threaded stud which can greatly extend the available grip range.

We look forward to being of service